PhotobucketPhotobucket Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "Ive learned that I still have a lot to learn..." "It's Not My Duty to Die for Your Government and Suffer for Your Religion. I Choose Life." I like to think of myself as a unique individual who is currently living in this pathetic planet..that we call planet earth...Our home that is surrounded by other humans who walks and pollutes the earth wid our technology and our energy of emotions and drives the world into an old dry and yet very sensitive low energy itself can't and have no in control of us, humans are among on destroying diz world as well as ourselves...Soon we will be extinct, and soon other life force will take over...I myself dont know who will reign supreme in this world yet again...but those life force will take over and yet have a great deal care of this world and make it alot more peaceful and more carefree, cuz of wat us humans have done to it in the first place...our fate and destiny will be revealed when our end of extinction shall begin...HEY WHO KNOWS HUH, JST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, SO YOU READERS WON'T GET BORED AT ALL, BUT HMMM, I WONDER IF THAT WILL HAPPEN....but hey, believe what you believe...cuz I'm jst a human being in search of a vision and dreams...wondering what will become of us...SCARY thought, but were not immortal, we will die...everybody dies...sooner or later...why not sooner huh....hahha, jst messin with you....relax, live your good, die well... "Life is a game, Go Play!" or nuthin else to do add me on FACEBOOK.. "jus do what you love and love what you do"
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